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New American Voices: From Harm to Home

The Colorado New Play Festival in partnership with the International Rescue
Committee will conduct annual writing therapy retreats for newly arrived
refugees. The mission of the International Rescue Committee is to help people
whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive,
recover and gain control over their future. At the core of this writing program is
the hope that writing will provide a way for refugees to tell their own stories. To
give them a tool that will allow them to tell the world what they have endured
and overcome.

They are ordinary people like you and me, who have lost everything. Their lives
have been ripped away and the pain of that fact is unceasing. Through writing,
the process of self-development, expression and healing can begin. The
writing program will help refugees identify their assets and strengths, cultivate
resiliency, and establish connections with one another and their new
homeland. The United States has a long tradition of offering refuge to those
fleeing persecution and war. Just like us they
deserve a life of dignity, freedom and security.
When we welcome refugees, they change our
lives and communities for the better.

Your support makes an incredible difference. Will
you help new Americans tell their story?

1016 Oak Street, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

The International Rescue Committee

An Overview

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An International Rescue Committee mobile health clinic provides integrated health, reproductive health, and nutrition services to internally displaced persons and host community members living in the remote, mountain village of Okiba, Yemen.

Survive, Recover, Rebuild

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps people whose lives have been shattered by conflict and disaster,
including the climate crisis, to survive, recover and gain control of their future.

Founded in 1933 at the call of Albert Einstein, the IRC works in over 40 crisis-affected countries, providing health
care and education, addressing the safety and economic well-being needs of refugees and displaced people, and
empowering individuals and communities to be self-reliant, with a focus on the unique needs of women and girls.

The IRC Response

When an emergency arises, the IRC can arrive on the scene within 72 hours to provide shelter, clean water,
sanitation, emergency healthcare, support for children, and special aid for women. As the emergency subsides,
the IRC stays to revive livelihoods and help shattered communities rebuild.

As one of the only organizations that works across the entire arc of crisis – from the warzones of Syria to resettling
refugees in dozens of cities across Europe and the Americas – we support millions throughout their entire journey
from harm to home.

A Time of Unmatched Need

Nearly 80 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes – the highest figure on record – due to war,
violence, persecution, and other emergencies. Not only are more people displaced, but they’re displaced for longer –
on average 20 years for refugees and over 10 years for internally displaced people.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our unique approach to delivering impact has four key aspects:

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By supporting the IRC, you will drive progress in tackling the greatest humanitarian challenges of our time. The IRC is dedicated to turning best practices better and has conducted more research in humanitarian settings than any other NGO.

In 2020 alone, our supporters helped us to provide

  • 31 million people with access to health services
  • 2.6 million people with clean water
  • 1.2 million people with gender-based violence services and
  • 1.1 million people with cash vouchers to meet their basic
  • 819,500 children with education opportunities
  • 5,200 refugees with support to become US Citizens

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Where We Work

We work in over 40 countries around the world focusing on economic wellbeing, education, health,
empowerment, and safety. Since February/March 2022, the IRC is also working in Ukraine, Poland, and Moldova
(not shown on map). In 25 U.S. cities, we assist refugees, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable immigrants to
rebuild their lives and thrive

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More details of our work and impact may be found on