Bill Martin


Mr. Martin is a pioneer in two professions, disability rights advocacy, and private power development. In addition, he is a playwright and produces plays and films. A co-founder of the Stavros Foundation in Amherst MA, Mr. Martin served as an advocate for and with people with mobility impairments and was a leader in the effort to make curb cuts, ramps, and accessible public bathrooms, laws in the USA. In 1980 he began a career developing Independent Private Power Projects, winning, with the development teams, awards such as CJ Global’s 2017 Best Single Asset in North America 2017 {Oregon Clean Energy, LLC}, and Grow Rhode Island’s 2018 Best Renewable Project {Forbes Street Solar, I and II}. He developed the first carbon capture project in Africa, completed in 2003, and the first private power projects in South America. He is currently developing Energy Storage projects in New England.