New Play Festival Locations – 2022

We are excited to announce the Colorado New Play Festival will be held at Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp in Strawberry Park, CO. Perry-Mansfield is the longest continually running performing arts camp in the country.

The Colorado New Play Festival Youth Playwright Slam will be held at the Bud Werner Memorial Library in downtown Steamboat Springs. The downtown location makes it easy to access by parents, family and friends.

Bonus Reading: Sunday, June 19th, there will be a bonus reading at the Bud Werner Memorial Library.  Details coming soon!


A Brief History of Our Venues

Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School and Camp opened in El Dora, CO in 1913. Due to the intense daily storms, high altitude and hillsides dotted with men trying to catch a glimpse of the dancing ‘nymphs,’ Perry-Mansfield moved to Strawberry Park, CO where camp remains today. The contributions of the founders, Charlotte Perry and Portia Mansfield to dance and theatre have had far reaching impacts.

  • Perry-Mansfield has been home to the top modern dancers of the day including José Limón, Doris Humphrey and Harriette Ann Gray. Notable actors include Julie Harris, Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Beal and many more.
  • Their Colorado Symposium of the Arts planted the seeds for the National Endowment of the Arts.
  • Portia’s Correctives – movements to improve balance and posture – were a precursor to modern day physical therapy
  • Charlotte’s original play ‘When Satan Hops Out’ was optioned by Hollywood with Gene Kelley to play the lead. The contract did not move forward but Charlotte’s notoriety did.

The Bud Werner Memorial Library was named for Steamboat’s first Olympian, Bud Werner. Buddy competed in the 1956, 1960 and 1964 Olympics, marking the first time American skiers were considered competitive. Bud Werner passed away at a young age in an avalanche in the Alps. His loss was felt by the entire Steamboat Springs community. In his honor, Storm Mountain was renamed Mt. Werner. The library was also named in his honor. In a patch of grass under the aspen trees, a bronze sculpture of Buddy’s mother, Hazie Werner, sits facing towards the ski mountain and towards the memory of her son. The Werner household was the most welcoming home in town. In a single year, Hazie cooked over 2,000 meals for strangers dropping in. Everyone was welcome. Hazie also worked two jobs so all three of her kids – Buddy, Loris and Skeeter – could ski competitively. Today the library is home to over 8,000 books and hosts authors from around the country. They offer children’s programming, collaborate in the community and provide the same hospitality that Hazie Werner once did.

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